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Foster Parent

Foster Family Instructions

Q: What do I do if I want to foster?

A: The best thing to do is to choose a dog from our website that you think you would enjoy fostering. Then call Julie at 303-890-1806 and leave a message send an e mail to clearcreekrescue@yahoo.com or and let us know you are interested in fostering the specific dog on the website or a specific type of dog. I also recommend researching the breed of dog you are interested in fostering, so that you will be ready for it's natural instincts to take place. And, if the dog is in boarding or able for you to visit, I recommend doing that before bringing it into your home, so that you can see it and spend time with it and know what to expect before it comes into your house.
We will ask you a some questions and we might ask you to fill out an application to get some more information from you. At that point, it's time to get the dog into your home. When our schedules work together, we will bring the dog to you.

Q: What is the financial expectation of a foster parent?

A: Any amount of money or donation that the foster parent wants to help out with is greatly appreciated, however, HFA will cover all expenses if need. We certainly take care of the vet expenses, as long as you bring the animal to one of the vets that we work with who gives us a LARGE discount and must be preapproved by HFA. We will sometimes ask if you can purchase the food if we are in trouble financially or have not received any food donations lately. Also some expenses are deductible on your taxes if you qualify. (verify with your accountant for your situation)

Q: What happens if I foster and after a week or two, it doesn't work and I want to give the dog back?

A: We ask that you truly think about fostering before you decide to foster. Most of the time, almost 100%, when we bring in an animal to a foster home, we have NO OTHER place to put it. We will sometimes have a kennel open at a boarding facility, but we don't want the dog to sit in a kennel until it's adopted either. This is why we ask to choose a dog from our website, so that you can spend time with it and see it before making the actual decision to bring it into your home.

Q: What else is expected of a foster parent while the dog is in the home?

A: A trained and socialized dog is a more adoptable dog. We ask that you do what you can to help with this. Being in a home is great socialization enough, but we also ask that you help in the potty training, if needed and also some basic obedience training, if applicable. For example, teaching the dog not to jump up on people or just simply teaching the dog how to sit. Any training is better than no training.

Q: What to do if you need a vet appointment:

A: We have specific vets that we work with that give us discounts. We need to use those vets in order for us to save money. Julie is the only one that can make vet appointments so that we can specifically say what the animal needs are HFA isnít paying for anything that we donít need. All vet appts must be set up by HFA and preapproved by HFA.

Q: What to do if the animal has an emergency:

A: If it is during business hours, please contact Julie right away and she will call one of the vets on our list for you to take the animal in right away

If itís during the night, take the animal to the closest 24 hour vet that is to you and have the animal secured until you can get in touch with Julie. We might ask if the animal can be transferred in the morning to a facility that gives us a discount

Q: Am I in charge of the adoption:

A: No. HFA board members are the final decision makers on adoptions, however, we take very seriously the foster personís thoughts of the interested family and we also ask that the foster family talk to interested persons because they know the animal best.

Q: What if I want to adopt my foster animal?

A: We will treat you as all other applicants and if another perfect applicant has already shown interest, then we must give them the same respect to adopt the dog as we would you, if you had shown interest first.

Q: What if a friend or family member want to adopt my foster animal?

A: We will treat them as any other applicant and we will sometimes turn them down, because we think itís not the right fit for the dog.

Q: Do I need to pay for food and vet bills?

A: We often ask the foster family to buy the food unless we have some donated that we can give you. This way, the animal is on the same food consistently and will help with loose stools. HFA pays for all medical bills that we approve.

Q: How does my foster animal get adopted?

A: Most of our adoptions come from the website and the foster family is many times forwarded any applications. We also have mobile pet adoptions, which the foster family is encouraged to attend, but not required.

Contacts information:

  • Julie Quaife Ė President 303-890-1806

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