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The Miracle of Hope

Once in a lifetime you come across an animal that truly defines the word “miracle”.
Such was a wonderful dog named Hope whom I was blessed to have for 6 years.

Hope was found on the side of the road near death. She was extremely emaciated, blind and had a tumor on her abdomen. Her toenails were so long they had grown into the pads of her feet. The veterinarians said it was the worst case of emaciation they had ever seen in a dog that was still alive. Hope weighed only 27 pounds and was probably 11 years old. Come to find out she was also diabetic. The veterinarians didn’t think Hope would make it, but Hope was a fighter and had an incredible will to live. She spent nearly 3 months in the hospital with the veterinarians working diligently to get her diabetes under control and getting weight put on her so they could remove the tumor on her abdomen. Hope did get to that point and had the tumor removed which turned out to be cancer. But that didn’t phase Hope. She continued to improve and defied all the odds against her. Hope was put up for adoption when she was well enough to placed in a home but nobody wanted an older blind, diabetic dog with cancer. So Hope came home with me.

Hope continued to make great strides. It took several months but Hope got up to 72 pounds and had the most beautiful coat. I took Hope to an incredible eye specialist, Dr. Todd Hammond, and he removed the cataracts from her eyes so she could see. The day Hope opened her eyes and looked around and realized she could see, is a day I will never, ever forget. To see the expression on her face and for her to see what she had only been able to hear and smell will be forever etched in my mind. Even more incredible was for Hope to see that there were people who did care, who would not neglect or hurt her and who did love her.

Hope loved the serenity of the mountains. She loved lying in the sun, going for leisurely walks and lying on her soft bed. She was always very happy to see me when I came home, wagging her tail and “smiling”. She loved my granddaughter, Alexis, and was always careful around her. Alexis loved to kiss her head and sit with Hope on her bed.

Hope did have some set backs with her diabetes going awry a couple of times and the cancer did come back which resulted in her having surgery 3 more times, the most recent at the beginning of this year. Hope remarkably bounced back each time to the veterinarians amazement. When she had surgery at the beginning of this year, she wasn’t given but a few weeks to live, but again she proved all of us wrong again. Hope turned 17 years old on July 14. I gave her that birthdate as that was the day she was found.

I lost Hope on August 15. To say that I am devastated and that my heart is broken is an understatement. She was such an incredible inspiration to me with her incredible will to live. She showed me the real meaning of unconditional love by trusting and having faith in me that she would be loved despite the horrible neglect and suffering she incurred. Hope had the most wonderful disposition and personality. Hope is gone but will never be forgotten.

Please consider adopting a rescue animal or shelter animal . They will be the most faithful loving companion you will ever have. Consider volunteering if you cannot have a pet. A few hours of your time makes a huge difference for these animals until they find a permanent home. People ask me why I volunteer and spend so much time to rescue animals. Hope is the reason why.

Julie Quaife
Hope For Animals-Clear Creek Rescue

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