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Willy, Trish, and John

This is a story of the little Dachshund mix being held by his new owner. John was a foster family for CCCARL. He fostered little dogs for us and wanted someone for his dog Trish to play with. He fully intended on keeping one of his fosters, but he swore it would be a female, until Willy came into his house. Willy was relinquished by his owner who had four little dogs that were kept outside with bark collars on. These dogs were nicknamed "porch puppies" because they basically lived under the porch in the backyard. They weren't allowed in the house. When Willy went to his foster home, John, the owner said Willy would go outside to go potty, but then would hesitate to come into the house. John let him in the house and let him sit on the couch and Willy played with Trish. It was the best thing that Willy every experienced. John fell in love with Willy's personality almost immediately and he called CCCARL about two days after he was fostering Willy and said that he wanted to adopt him. Now, John has his two dogs and is going to foster a third little dog for us. He is the reason so many of the little dogs can be saved and have a second chance at life. This is truly a success story!!
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