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This is Bo, affectionately called "Bo Man" Bo was dumped at the shelter with his brother Ty when he was 9 years old and his brother was even older yet. These two guys had a good life until their owner decided one day that they didn't want them anymore. Bo and his brother Ty, not pictured, ended up at the shelter and were in and out of the shelter and foster homes for over a year. They both ended up living at the shelter for nearly a year--a 9 and 14 year old large dog living in a concrete cell about 5 feet long and 3 feet wide, with not even a blanket to lay on. We didn't want to separate the two since they had been together all of their lives, but both of the dogs were so unhappy in the shelter. Ty started to starve himself and Bo started to chew the hair off of his tail. There were no foster homes who could take 2 dogs, so the decision to separate the two had been made. Ty lived a little longer than 1 more year in his foster home and was loved the most the last year of his life. Bo is still alive and well today April 28, 2006 and living it up nicely in his new home with his two brothers and another rotating foster kid . Bo loves to play ball, even at his age, if you pick up a ball, he will run like a puppy. We also call him Bug Eyed Bo because his eyes get sooo big when he sees a ball. Every night, when I see how comfortable this dog is in a home, happy to be lying on something as simple as a dog bed, I just thank my lucky stars that we were able to save such a sweet, well behaved dog and I thank him for coming into our lives and gracing us with his presence every day.
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