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P.O. Box 63 Georgetown, CO 80444

Description of Animal: Dog_________ Cat__________
Name of Animal:_________________Breed____________Age_______Sex_____
Date and type of shots due:___________________________________
Name:___________________________Home #_____________________
Mailing Address:_____________________________ Business#____________
Street Address:________________________________________________
Email Address:___________________________________________

1. To have identification on the animal at all time with ALL owner information or microchip identification.
2. To provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter and kind treatment at all times.
3. To have the animal vaccinated on or before the above date and to the give the animal booster vaccinations as prescribed by your veterinarian.
4. Not to sell, give away or abandon the animal but return the animal to the Clear Creek Rescue (HFACCR) if you are no longer able to keep the animal.
5. To allow a representative of HFACCR to examine the animal and the living conditions and to surrender the animal to HFACCR if the representative determines the conditions unsatisfactory.
6. Not to permit the animal to be used for purposes of vivisection or experimentation.
7. Not to permit the animal to run at large or to become a public nuisance. To retrieve the animal from any animal shelter when so notified.
8. Not permit the animal to be declawed, debarked or defanged under any circumstances.
9. To comply with all state and local ordinances governing the licensing and ownership of animals.

I hereby acknowledge receipt from HFACCR of the animal described above. I hereby release
HFACCR from any liability, damage or injury hereafter caused by said animal. I understand that some or all of the information provided on this adoption contract regarding said animal may have been received by HFACCR from a third party. I understand that HFACCR does not warrant the accuracy of this information. If at any time I desire to relinquish custody or HFACCR demands the return of the animal for any reason, I agree to return said animal to HFACCR, making no charges of any nature for licensing, care, food or any other services. I agree to pay reasonable attorney fees and court expenses if HFACCR must bring legal action against me to enforce this adoption contract. I shall be responsible for the humane care and control of the animal and our agent or representative shall be allowed to see said animal at any time. I have read and understand the adoption contract and agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations set forth in this adoption contract.

Date:_________ Signature:___________________________Witness:_____________________

Adoption fee of $250 for a puppy or $200 for an adult dog has been received and will be deposited. A deposit for any unaltered animals of $50 will also be collected for spay/neuter and this deposit will be retained until the spay/neuter is complete. The $50 deposit for spay/neuter will be returned once the spay/neuter is complete. If the adopter person(s) fails to spay/neuter the rescue pet at the time scheduled by Hope For Animals-Clear Creek Rescue, the pet will be returned to Hope For Animals-Clear Creek Rescue immediately and no fees or deposits will be refunded. Failure to do so will result in in legal action and all court and attorney fees will be the responsibility of the adopter person(s).

Hope for Animals-Clear Creek Rescue does not guarantee the health of any animal, as they are all rescue pets, nor will be held liable for any contamination to existing pets. The adopter may return the animal to HFACCR at any time if unable to care for the animal. A refund of the adoption fee to the adopter is not guaranteed.

Date:_________ Signature:___________________________Witness:____________________
PD__________________________ DEP_______________________

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